If you`re experiencing lower back pain or want a breast reduction for any other reason, one of your first thoughts might be the cost. During a breast reduction, the material is removed from each breast, and the skin is tightened to compensate. While it isn`t too extensive of surgery, it still is surgery and does involve some high costs. Chicago Plastic Surgeon

How Much Does a Breast Reduction Cost on Average?

On average, a breast reduction cost is about $6,000. A few things can impact the cost of a breast reduction, ranging from the clinic to the amount of aftercare provided. One of the most important factors to a breast reduction will be the location you`re in. In a high cost of living area, a breast reduction could cost more than $10,000. In a lower price of living space, a breast reduction may cost less than $6,000.

Because a breast reduction is a surgical procedure, there isn`t necessarily one cost — it may depend on the costs of the operating room to be rented, the anesthesiologist to be booked, and more. But because a breast reduction can also be a necessary surgical procedure, it`s also possible that it be covered by insurance. Chicago Breast and Body

Can I Lower the Cost of Breast Reduction?

As with most cosmetic surgeries, there are payment plans available. But, as noted, a breast reduction might also be covered under insurance. You can consult with your surgeon or primary care physician about a letter of medical necessity if your insurance company doesn`t automatically cover the cost of a breast reduction.

Otherwise, it`s essential to get quotes from multiple physicians and discuss their care plans and aftercare. You might end up going with a more expensive physician if you feel that they are more experienced and trustworthy or if you think that they understand your goals more than the others.